Platinum Filter Paper

Cafection Enterprises highly recommend the use of the Platinum filter paper. Why? Our filter paper contains a higher density and quality fibers that makes it stronger than the other filter paper brands.

Using the proper paper will guarantee you the perfect extraction through the brew group and avoid issues that could void a warranty. It will also allow you to enjoy your coffee maker for many more years. 

At the bottom line, using the proper filter paper rolls will reduce your maintenance costs.
Platinum filter 2



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Frank Baron, President of Cafection, is nominated for "Prix Rayonnement Hors Québec 2013"
 Remise PRHQ2013
M. Éric Lavoie, M. François Baron, Mme Josée Tremblay and M. Francis Léonard
The award will be presented by the Québec Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Fideides Gala, on March 13th, 2014. The PRHQ rewards a company that has distinguishing itself during the year by outstanding business achievements.