• Assembled cabinets   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Assembled cabinets   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Assembled cabinets   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Assembled cabinets   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Assembled cabinets   | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec

Accessories & Parts

Assembled cabinets

What could be better than a cabinet requiring no assembly? Take it out of the box and presto! it's ready to receive your coffee machine! A conveninent and useful accessory with a go-anywhere design that will make you more efficient and organized.


Fully Assembled Wood Cabinet


Take advantage of a practical and elegant storage space with Cafection’s fully assembled wood cabinet! With a black wood grain base and a brushed aluminum finish top, our latest cabinet will succeed in adapting to any environment and will enhance your coffee area.


This wood cabinet does not require any assembly and has several unique features making it a major asset for your coffee machine: adjustable legs, one shelf separator, rigid internal waste bin and more. Its lockable side and rounded corners also make it very secure.


Dimensions: 23" W x 30" H x 28" D


Our fully assembled wood cabinet fits all Cafection equipment.


Metal Cabinet


Cafection’s metal cabinet is the perfect accessory for our larger coffee brewers. Very robust, it is equipped with adjustable legs and a storage shelf, in addition to being lockable and completely assembled.


The metal cabinet is equipped with a small integrated stool that can be deployed to facilitate the bean hoppers servicing. It also comes with a corrugated plastic bin allowing you an easy and mess-free access to the coffee grounds and used filter paper.


Dimensions: 17 ¾" (L) x 31" (H) x 21 ¾" (P)


The Encore Venti, the Venti-4, the Total 1, the Gourmet, the Galleria and the Quatro can be installed on Cafection’s metal cabinet. 


Complete Accessories & Options Brochure 




To order parts* in the United States, please

contact Betson Enterprises


*Parts under warranty to be orderd directly through Cafection Customer Service


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