• Innovative Accessories  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Innovative Accessories  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Innovative Accessories  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Innovative Accessories  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Innovative Accessories  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec

Accessories & Parts

Innovative Accessories

With a touchscreen interface and remote management capabilities, the Innovation & Encore Series’ coffee machines already are the most technologically advanced brewers on the market. But did you know Cafection also offers accessories to help you develop and diversify your service offering?


Make your equipement even more efficient with Cafection’s accessories specially designed for the Innovation & Encore Series!

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ADA Compliant Touchpad 

Allows people with disabilities to order coffee easily


Ensure an easy and equal access to everyone with our ergonomic touchpad especially designed to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Positionned at a height lower than 48 inches, it allows individuals with reduced mobility or in a wheelchair to order their favorite hot beverages at anytime and without difficulty! Activated at the touch of a button, the touchpad acts as an intermediary to control the touchscreen, allowing the user to navigate in the Innovation & Encore Series’ interface menus.


The ADA compliant touchpad can be installed on all Encore Series and Innovation Series models.


Integrated Printer


Stay in touch with your customers with this exclusive accessory that will allow you to print receipts including barcodes and customized messaging.


Gone are the days when you did not know what was in your clients’ cup! You can now keep control of the drink consumption in your store and charge the right price. An ideal solution for convenience stores, grocery stores and micromarkets!


Cafection’s integrated printer also allows you to write a personalized message on every receipt printed. You now have access to a powerful cross-promotion tool in order to boost sales of your business’ products or services.


Cafection’s integrated printer is compliant with the Encore 29, the Encore Venti, the Venti-4 and the Total 1.


Built-In Cup Sensor


It only takes a few seconds of carelessness to forget to put a cup under the coffee machine… and to create a mess! It is now possible to prevent that kind of accidents, thanks to our built-in cup sensor.


Equipped with a high power LED light, Cafection’s sensor detects the absence of a cup at first glance with its excellent performance-size ratio. The user is blocked and unable to complete his order until a cup is placed in the appropriate space.


This accessory is available on the Encore Venti, the Venti-4 and the Total 1.




To order parts* in the United States, please

contact Betson Enterprises


*Parts under warranty to be orderd directly through Cafection Customer Service


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Encore Ground

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Encore Venti

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