• Wood Cabinets  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Wood Cabinets  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Wood Cabinets  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec
  • Wood Cabinets  | Cafection Coffee Machine | Quebec

Accessories & Parts

Wood Cabinets

Our range of wood cabinets is an affordable and convenient solution to optimize your coffee area and showcase your brewer. They present a black wood finish design that will fit the furniture and counters already in place.


All our wood cabinets come with a pre-cut hole and a corrugated plastic waste bin, in addition to being equipped with adjustable legs and a lock for safety.


16" Wood Cabinet


Our most compact cabinet will fit perfectly into any space-constrained environments, while increasing your storage capacity!


Dimensions: 16" W x 30" H x 25" D


The 16" cabinet is available for the Petite X, the Petite R, the Total Lite, the Encore Lite and the Encore Ground.


24" Wood Cabinet


Neither too big nor too small, our 24" cabinet is the perfect ally for your coffee machine! Take advantage of its storage space to store your solubles and your Platinum filter paper rolls.


Dimensions: 24" W x 30" H x 25" D


The 24" wood cabinet fits all Cafection coffee machines.


32" Wood Cabinet


The 32" wood cabinet is the largest cabinet offered by Cafection and will suit any client seeking a great storage space. It is equipped with two doors to facilitate access to the waste bin and the internal space.


Dimensions : 32" W x 30" H x 25" D


All Cafection brewers are compatible with the 32" cabinet.


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To order parts* in the United States, please

contact Betson Enterprises


*Parts under warranty to be orderd directly through Cafection Customer Service


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Cafection does not manufacture the Quatro anymore, but it can be refurbished and is eligible to a new warranty.

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