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Why Buy When You Can Lease?

Lease Your Cafection Equipment With Partners Capital Group


When it comes to renewing equipment or closing big contracts with clients, several questions need to be asked. Should I buy or lease my equipment? Which is better? Which is more cost effective?


Here are the reasons why leasing might be your best option when considering the economic conjuncture of the OCS industry.


Close Big Accounts

  • Get higher-end equipment when you need it, resulting in a better ROI
  • Leasing comes in handy when your business liquidity is insufficient to sign a big contract 


Conserve and Control Your Cash

  • Save your working capital for day-to-day operation and long-term growth.


Tax Benefits

  • Leasing payments can be deducted as business expenses, thus reducing the net cost of your lease.


Upgrade Outdated Equipment

  • Stay on top of the latest advances in equipment and technology giving you a competitive edge.


Get Your Equipment Quickly

  • While it may take years to save enough money to buy equipment, leasing allows you to get what you need right away.


Did you miss Bill and Bob’s story? No? Really? 


Cafection | Evoca recently associated with Partners Capital Group in an effort to offer our clients with the most affordable financing program available on the market.









Why Partners Capital Group?

  • Up to $500 credit return*
  • Aggressive rates starting as low as 6% (Less than 1.5 cup a day per machine)
  • Rapid funding
  • Up to 6 months deferred payments
  • Payments Length: 36 months
  • One of the largest privately held independent finance company in the United States
  • Specialized in equipment financing


Get Started Now: Fill up Credit Application Form


* Lease over $15,000 of equipment and get up to $500 credit return applicable on the first month’s payment



Published on 2019-07-23
Category: News