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NAMA Show 2019 Line up of Cafection | Evoca Coffee Machines - Booth 411

As bronze sponsor in the biggest trade show of the industry, Cafection | Evoca is proud to unveil its 2019 line up of flagship coffee machines.


Encore Series by Cafection:

Encore 29:

  • NSF 4 certified.
  • 18.5 inches touchscreen.
  • Choice of 3 coffee blends and 3 solubles (vanilla, chocolate and milk), over 100 beverage combinations.
  • Equipped with a cellular modem to manage and monitor the brewer remotely through a private and secure network.


Encore Lite:

  • Different fascia and interface color possibilities.
  • New improved and easy-to-use interface.
  • Multiple customization options.


Encore Venti:

  • Ideal for convenience-store, foordservice and micro-markets.
  • Secure and private cellular connection.
  • High capacity brew system.


Encore Ground:

  • Selection of two ground coffee blends and two solubles.
  • Clip-on fascia available in five different colors.
  • Improved easy-to-use interface.


Saeco Professional Coffee Machines


  • Perfect combination of aesthetics and professional performance.
  • Delivers a wide range of coffee-based and fresh-milk-based beverages, as well as hot water and steam.
  • Machine perfect for locations with high daily consumptions.


Idea Restyle:

  • Easy one-touch beverage selection and programming.
  • Simultaneous production of coffee, milk, hot water and steam.
  • Fresh frothed milk always at hand with the refrigerated milk module.



  • Perfect professional capsule coffee machine for every workplace, from offices to the B2B market.
  • Compact size and rigorous but modern style, can adapt to all small and medium locations.
  • Equipped with the solid technology that has always been the strong point of the Saeco professional coffee machines.




  • 10’’ touchscreen - design can be customized to local preferences.
  • Flexible canister can offer two blends of coffee, even whole beans and ground, to suit different preferences.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth enable on-screen information and entertainment.
  • Patented Z4000 coffee brew system.



Krea Touch:

  • Elegant model with 7” HD touchscreen, decorative light, chrome frames and shiny black surfaces.
  • Patented Z4000 coffee brewer, compact espresso boiler with 600 cc capacity for high throughput and modular canisters for instant products.
  • New electronic platform for an easy management of touch screen and machine programming.

Published on 2019-03-25
Category: Tradeshows