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Car Dealerships

Let Cafection help your customer build a top-performing auto dealership. Give them what they want: the expertise in cars combined with a lounge dealership experience!


Delivering a perfect coffee will make an incredible first impression with the help of the perfect car dealership coffee machine. It’s time to convert a great cup of coffee into a sale! 


Make the service time a treat. Thanks to your Cafection bean to cup coffee machine, customers will be happy to make a visit to the dealer now. With Cafection, not only will you spoil your customers and increase their loyalty, but you will also retain the talented employees.


With Cafection’s top quality coffee machines, you get the unique opportunity to be creative in advertising and cross-promoting. Help unify and solidify your brand image all across North America by providing a car dealership coffee service adapted to your customized messaging.


And don’t forget: Coffee sells cars!

Suggested Products

Total 1

The Total 1 is a top quality coffee machine that delivers delicious single serve coffee from the bean to your cup. It can be monitored, managed and controlled remotely with Cafection's Sophia.

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Encore Venti

Cafection’s Encore Venti is the technologically advanced coffee machine with the highest capacity in the industry. Its larger brew group can prepare a cup of coffee up to 24 ounces in a single brew cycle!

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Encore Ground

The Encore Ground is a single cup coffee brewer with a unique design. Match your brand image or your office coffee area’s design with the clip-on fascia available in five different colors.

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