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New Whole Bean Program


Cafection is pleased to announce the launch of the Whole Bean Program, allowing the use of Starbucks® whole beans in non-proprietary Starbucks® single cup brewers.


Office Coffee Service suppliers* will now be able to offer Starbucks® Coffee through three selected Cafection bean to cup brewers: the Encore 29, the Total 1 and the Total Lite. Any existing approved Cafection brewers can also be converted and programmed to offer the Starbucks® recipes.


Selected Cafection machines will allow OCS suppliers to choose between a variety of six Starbucks® whole bean coffee blends and two soluble products, TeavanaTM/MC Chai Tea Latte and Starbucks® Hot Cocoa. All Starbucks® recipes have been developed and tested for the newly approved bean to cup brewers in order to preserve the same great taste customers expect from Starbucks®.


Clients looking to purchase an approved Cafection machine with Starbucks® recipes or to convert an existing approved Cafection brewer can contact our Customer Service.

Cafection Customer Service

800-561-6162, ext. 311

For more information on the new Whole Bean Program, consult Starbucks® Branded Solutions website.



*Must be a current Starbucks Preferred Provider with Starbucks Whole Bean access to be eligible to participate in this program

Published on 2019-06-24
Category: News